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How to export emails from outlook

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Understanding how to export emails from Outlook can be helpful when it comes to effective email management. Whether you’re transferring to a new email service provider, backing up your data, or decluttering your online area, this comprehensive tutorial will provide you with the tools to export emails with ease. Let’s get started and streamline your Outlook experience even further.
  1. Start the process by clicking File on the left top tab. Outlook Export
  2. Click on Open & Export. Outlook Open Export
  3. Click Import/Export. Click Import/Export
  4. Now a window will pop up like the one below, click Export to a file. Export To A File
  5. Now select Outlook Data File(.pst). Outlook Data Pst
  6. Select the email address that you wanna export. Select-Your-Email
  7. Click Browse if you want to save the file in your preferred location, leave the rest as it is, and hit Finish. Save Pst File